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For a detailed description and usage example see the spec document: sharp2p.pdf (italian only, on progress work...)

For the Sharp2p.Core reference see: Core reference

Short Description

Sharp2p is a .NET library to help you include a p2p layer in your software.

Sharp2p can be used as a blackbox to include a prebuilt p2p layer in your software or can be extended to implement new kinds of p2p networks.

Sharp2p will include some of the most used p2p implementation:

  • CAN (from the first version)
  • Pastry (in the future)
  • Small Worlds (in the future)
  • ?

Sharp2p implements both pure and hybrid p2p networks



Version 0.1

functionality status
core: SSL sockets 100%
core: clear sockets 100%
core: messaging system 100%
core: bootstrap server 100%
Hybrid: Leaf and Super Nodes 0%
Hybrid: Automatic Super node election system 0%
CAN: query algorithms 100 %
CAN: hash function 100 % BUGGY!
CAN: multiple realties 100 %
CAN: n dimensional space 100 %
CAN: area management 20 %
CAN: area takeover 0 %
? -

Version 0.2

functionality status
Hybrid: firewall bypass 0%
Symphony 0%

Version 0.3

functionality status
Pastry 0%

Version 0.4

functionality status
Chord 0%

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